Six Things To Consider When Hiring A Skip

When you undertake a do it yourself project that may involve some remodeling or construction you may be a bit lost when it comes to waste disposal. There are different companies offering different services and this can leave your head spinning with wondering what to do and who to pick.

When it comes to skip hire, you want to be well versed in what this is and what to look at when you are on the lookout for one.

Skip hiring is basically getting a company to come in and get rid of waste in containers that are best suited for the type of waste that you shall produce during your project.

Delivery Is Important

When you go looking for a company that can handle your needs, you want one that will get the job done in a rush. Here you have to research the companies and make sure that they have the capacity that will handle the work in no time.

You will basically look at what type of waste you will need to be hauled off. This will help you understand if the company you skip hire, is best suited for you company.

Know Your Waste

You want to know what type of waste you shall be producing so that you inform the company of your choice on what type of skips you shall be hiring for the job.

Different wastes go with different types of skips, so you want to know this ahead of time. These wastes are:

The above is just but a few of the wastes that you will need to know of for your skip hire.


If you are looking for a deal then you will have to shop around to get the best agreement to save on money. You will find that the pricing is dependent on the weight of the waste and the denser the weight the higher it may be.

Visit your company of choice and try work out a deal that will help you get more for less. Most companies have a pricing policy that will work with your business or budget so that your needs are well taken care of.

Are They Informed?

If your construction is ongoing and you need to place the skip on the road to create space then you should get a skip permit from the council.

You want a company that will go beyond the norm of just collecting your waste but also inform you of the procedures you need to follow and what permits you may need to get so that everything runs according to plan.

When you visit their offices go with a list of questions that you may want to know on and if they can give you the details you require then they are the company for you.

Do They Recycle?

This is a great question to ask so that you know that when you skip hire, the company you choose will dispose of the waste in the correct manner without disturbing the environment.

Most of these companies have a contract with a recycling company that helps them with this process while others have the systems already in place in their companies to do it themselves.

Researching ahead of time is the best way to learn on which company to hire to get the job done on time and without much hustle. You always want to be well informed before, during and after you get your project done.

So get yourself prepared and hire the best company to get the job done right for you.